Pure Carbon Teeth Whitening Powder

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Cool Mint Flavour

How does it work?

Removes Stains And Discolouration From The Surface Of Your Teeth – It binds to and absorbs stains, plaque and tartar in the mouth.

Prevents Tooth Decay And Cavaties – Tooth decay and cavities occur when certain bacteria in the mouth overgrow and utilise sugar from our food to create acid. This acid is what causes cavities over time. Our Activated Carbon Powder raises the pH in the mouth which help neutralise these acids.

Removes Bad Breath – By absorbing and lifting away plaque, harmful bacteria and toxins in the mouth.

How To Use

1. Dip a wet toothbrush into the tub, and tap off the excess
2. Gently brush your teeth for 3 minutes
3. Gently spit out into the sink and rinse
4. For maximum results, use in combination with our Carbon toothpaste.


Please Note:  
It can be a little messy, please brush over a sink and gently spit out to avoid splatters.


Our Active Ingredient?

ACTIVATED CARBON – a fine-grained black powder derived from organic coconut shell. The Carbon is “activated” using extreme temperatures to make it highly porous and adsorbent.

6 reviews for Pure Carbon Teeth Whitening Powder

  1. Meghan Humphreys

    I have been using this for a few days now, and I can honestly notice a difference a difference already!!

  2. Chris Marshall

    i must say the powder is a little bit messy, but i guess they did mention that on the website. Aside from that, I have noticed a difference in the whiteness of my teeth.

  3. Hannah Schofield

    I have seen a steady improvement in the whiteness of my teeth. I brush my teeth gently as they advertise. Will continue to buy!

  4. John Steadman

    The powder is very fine!!. The first time I used it, I dipped my toothbrush into the tub, a little smoke came out which shows the fineness of the powder. When I brushed my teeth, I spat out into the sink and it splattered a little bit. Second time i brushed my teeth with the powder, i gently splat out into the sink and it didn’t make a mess that time. I have seen a little change in the stains department. i guess i will need to continue brushing to see.

  5. Becky powell

    After seeing how dark the powder looks, I thought it would taste really murky. But in actual fact, it tastes pretty good. Theres a sweet minty vibe behind it which makes brushing my teeth with it really nice. At the end of my brushing, my teeth look to have been polished lol

  6. Jonathan Reed

    I have been using this every other day for a week now and it actually does work!!! It tastes nice, feels nice to brush with and has removed my nasty yellow stains. Would highly recommend guys.

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